Community Outreach

Fred Victor

PNQG is partnering with Fred Victor, a charity whose “mission is to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and/or homelessness.” The specific programme that our guild is supporting is the Supports to Daily Living Programme. Here’s a description from their website: “Fred Victor staff support active living and stable housing for 14 women on fixed incomes in a building owned by the All Saints Church Homes for Tomorrow Society. In addition to mental health considerations, the female tenants have lived on the street and depended on the limited options available at food banks for nutrition.” Fourteen women who are housed in one building… great for Pieceful Nights to be able to provide fourteen comfort-sized quilts in the range of 55” x 70” – one for each woman!!!! When we have the fourteen quilts in hand, they will be given to the charity.

…and, in planning for other types of donations around Christmas, please consider the following request from staff:

  • Gift cards – Groceries, Walmart, Pharmacies;
  • NEW – socks, underwear, mittens, Winter jackets, sweat pants in various sizes.
  • Pictures for walls
  • Laundry soap.

For supplies to make quilts for the Fred Victor Centre, please see Judy Mes for batting & Wendy D for backing fabric.

Quilt TOP fabric is tricky: This is an appeal to the membership to consider to donating fabric (yardage or fat quarters or charm packs etc.) that you can bear to part with for another member to make a quilt top. You can bring donations to the in-person guild meetings but please take home anything not claimed by a fellow guild member. And, in the same the spirit of community, we can also ‘share’ in the completion of quilts. For example, maybe there’s someone who prefers making quilt tops to quilting the sandwich. Perhaps we can find a match of a member who could do that quilting…making the entire project a group/community effort.  Contact Wendy for sharing opportunities.

Contact Wendy or use the contact form on this website to arrange for drop-off of these items.


Meals on Wheels

Bev will be collecting placemats that you have made over the summer for donation to Sprint Meals on Wheels. If you have some to donate but won’t be at the in-person meetings, please contact Bev and she can pick them up or arrange to meet you at a convenient location.  Placemats can vary in size.